Arrowmont Cabin Guests:

Cabin Guests receive a 15% discount regardless of the number of riders.

Military & Public Safety Officer Discount:

You receive a 15% Discount.  We greatly value and appreciate all our Military and our Public Safety Officers (Policemen) who protect and serve our country.  Present your Military/Police ID and receive a 15% discount for you and your family.

Group Discount:

Groups of 10-14 riders receive a 10% Discount
Groups of 15 or more receive a 15% Discount.
For groups larger than 20, please call (800)682-1092.
Save time for your group.

Download the “Assumption of Responsibility” form,
Complete one form for Each Person on a horse.  Please have them completed before you arrive.




CHILDREN AGES 6 AND OLDER GENERALLY HAVE NO PROBLEM RIDING ON THE TRAIL. If needed, we can put them on a lead line behind the Guide (like being on a tether). Once in a while a precocious 5 year old can ride on the trail. Sorry we do not allow “double riding”. It’s been proven to be less safe than the child being on his own horse.

It helps to let us know if anyone weighs over 180 lbs. All of our horses can carry 180 lbs. But we have a few that CAN CARRY UP TO 300 LBS. Please let us know so we can have the right horses ready.

Arrive about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled Safety Program time(Safety programs start at 10 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm Summers, 11 am and 2 pm Spring and Fall, 1 pm in the Winter) to complete the Assumption of Responsibility Form, chooose your trail and pay for your ride. One form is required for every person on a horse. Please take your completed forms to the Receptionist.

Plan an extra 45 – 60 minutes, in addition to your trail time, for the safety and training program. There is no extra charge for it. Safety programs start at 10 am, 1 pm and 3:30 pm Summers, 11 am and 2 pm Spring and Fall, and 1 pm in the Winter.

Your rate is based on the trail and not time. The charge is per person. Trail times are approximate. It is hard to “Push Button” a horse to be exact and it depends on your group, how many pictures you take, etc.

You may choose to upgrade your trail choice at this time and pay the receptionist the balance if you reserved and paid on line.

Helmets are provided free of charge and are mandatory for anyone under 18 years old. Please choose your helmet at this time as well. They are color coded by size for your convenience.

Rain Policy

Trails go rain or shine. So bring an extra T-Shirt and towel if it looks cloudy. Winter time trails are dependent on temperature. We try not to ride in weather below freezing.

Your adventure starts at the Stables. Then enjoy part or all of this great farm. Finally, return to the stables at the end of your trail ride.

What to wear?


Please wear closed toed shoes with as smooth a sole as possible. No flip-flops or barefeet. Obviously, riding boots are best but tennis shoes with a smooth sole could work. Please do Not wear hiking boots. Their sole is very rough and may get your foot stuck in the stirrup…very dangerous.


Long pants are best. A far second best choice, shorts that come down to your knees. The long pants allow you to move with the horse more smoothly and keeps your legs from rubbing on the saddle.


Wear layers, ski jacket if you have one, gloves, hat/toboggan, neck scarf, long pants, warm socks.

Things that get lost on the trail

• Sunglasses that aren’t being worn
• Cameras that aren’t on a tether around your neck
• Cell phones
• Wallets
Please leave these things in your car. Rarely do we find them

A Guide will accompany you for safety and direction as well as to provide some local history and color.


Your Guide and your horse and tack, A helmet, Rain slickers or ponchos for inclement weather. Safety Program. Plus, awesome trails!

Age To Ride

Six year old children have successfully ridden on all the trails. Sometimes there’s a precocious five year old who may ride.

For Ring Rides, children may be as young as 2 years old if you have 2 adults to assist the child while riding in the ring. One needs to lead the horse, the second needs to walk beside the child holding his leg.

What we look for with small children:

• Does the child have good balance on the horse?
• Does he understand he needs to remain on the horse for the entire trail?
• Does he still take naps? He may fall asleep due to the rocking motion of the horse.
• Is he afraid of horses?

The oldest rider we’ve had was 92 years young. She was a Great-Grandmother who wanted to go riding with her grand-children. She was a great sport and it was easy to see why her “kids” wanted her along!

Double Riding

We are sorry but “Double Riding” is not permitted. It’s been proven to be less safe than if each person/child were on their own horse.

Weight Limit

We have some horses who can carry up to 300 lbs. All of our horses can carry up to 180 lbs, some who can carry 180-220 and a few who can carry 300 lbs.


Guides do work for tips. People often ask what the normal tip is, it’s like in a restaurant – Commonly 20%


 Events or Attractions:

Tickets for Events or Attractions are non-refundable but they are transferrable.


$45.00 PER PERSON cancellation fee.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy on Horseback Rides for groups of 9 or less.

5 Day Cancellation Policy for groups of 10 or more on Horseback Rides.
There is a $45.00 cancellation fee per horse if you do not call within the cancellation period for your group size and get a cancellation code for your group.

If you simply don’t show on the day of your reservation, the charge is $45 per person.

Trails Go RAIN OR SHINE. Ponchos and rain gear are provided.  Please do not assume that just because it’s raining/pouring where you are that it’s also pouring at Arrowmont. The mountains don’t work that way. You need to call.

For GROUPS of 10 or MORE

Cancellation less than 5 DAYS prior to departure date and time or no-show : 100% of the Cancellation Fee of $45.00.